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Kauai Exclusive Management LLC is a full-service vacation rental business and property management company for luxury vacation rental owners in Kauai, Hawaii. With over 15 years of experience delighting our guests with an impeccable experience on Kauai, we are well-equipped to manage your property on Kauai.

Vacation rental management

Kauai Exclusive Management LLC is a full-service vacation rental and property management company for luxury vacation rental owners in Kauai, Hawaii. Kauai Exclusive provides varying levels of service to property owners depending on their needs.

We aggressively and strategically market our vacation rentals, and we provide a convenient, user-friendly, simple, and secure place for travelers to book their vacation rental directly and with ease.

Guests have the option of booking a rental directly through our website, through an affiliate partner, or by calling our reservations number (877-GO-Kauai)

We offer a high level of service with competitive rates:

  • We assist property owners with the means to achieve their revenue goals – We offer dynamic pricing for each property based on the season, occupancy, and demand.
  • We create a unique and targeted marketing plan – Each property that Kauai Exclusive manages receives both organic and paid marketing, which includes search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, email marketing, and select print advertising.
  • We provide all-inclusive property management services – Our on-island agents are available 24/7 to ensure speedy service and professional connectivity.
  • We handle payment collection and guest registration – Our guests agree to their rental agreement and make payments using our in-house RentalHost mobile application and website.
  • We keep your property safe and secure – We use electronic door locks with random door codes that are automatically generated for each guest’s stay – each code is automatically sent to the guest using RentalHost.

We take great care of each vacation rental and every guest!

As property managers, integrity is our mission. Kauai Exclusive strives to be true ambassadors of Aloha to each of our guests. We provide excellent service from initial contact through the length of each stay. In addition to providing excellent customer service, we partner with Hawaii’s premier cleaning and maintenance company to keep each property clean and impeccably maintained for each stay.

  • Each vacation rental that Kauai
  • Exclusive manages is cleaned by our #1 cleaning contractor in Hawaii.
  • Each vacation rental is routinely inspected by our dedicated island managers.
  • Kauai Exclusive uses our in-house software, RentalHost, to easily collect signed agreements and payment, and to intimately connect with our guests.
  • Our on-island agents are always available to help or answer any questions from our guests.

Find out why our unmatched service excellence has made KEM one of the fastest-growing asset managers on Kauai.

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What our guests are Saying

At Kauai Exclusive, we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. We partnered with Trustpilot to collect Kauai Exclusive Reviews from our customers. This helps keep us honest and focused. We invite all of our guests to rate their experience. We have over 400+ Real Customer Reviews of Kauai Exclusive Management.

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